East Rosebud Lake

The state of Montana is not known for being a very exciting place. If you know where to go though, it can be a lot of fun. East Rosebud Lake is one of those places. East Rosebud Lake is a fairly small lake. On three sides, there are small cabins that can be rented from the owners. There is also a camp ground located behind the cabins. There is a lodge and store open to cabin owners and visitors. The closest town is called Red Lodge, Montana where there are lots of things to do and places to go.

Below is a picture of East Rosebud Lake and the mountains that surround it.

One of the many things to do in East Rosebud is fish. It is easy to lake fish if you know how and you can also fly fish if you want to hike up the river. The lakes are stocked so there is no shortage fo fish. The the fish that are most common in East Rosebud and surrounding lakes are Rainbow and Brown Trout. Fishing is a fun thing to do if you have free time but don't want to go very far.

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Hiking is another fun thing to do in East Rosebud Lake. It is easy to follow the main trail to some of the lakes that are connected by East Rosebud River. The farthest that you can go in one day is Rainbow Lake which is about eighteen miles from the trail head. If you want to go further, you can backpack. If you know someone that knows the land well, you can also go off trail hiking and get to lakes that are not on the trail.

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There are amazing views, places, and animals in the East Rosebud area. The only way to truly experience East Rosebud is to go there.